Even though I seem to be coming down with a cold, today has been an upbeat day.  I’ve been watching the inauguration festivities on TV and you can feel the excitement through the sights.  I think Obama has done a wonderful job today and his family looks so cute!  I hadn’t shared these pictures on my blog yet because we have some family members who strongly felt that we shouldn’t vote Obama.  So to keep the peace we hadn’t told them that we actually went to an Obama rally on our road trip back in October.  But today I’m just so happy I’ll post a couple anyway.  It was kinda a fluke that we went, but we were staying in Philadelphia for a couple of nights and saw on the news that he was speaking down the road from where we going to visit that day. 


We needed these stickers to get into the rally. 

You can barely see Obama.  He is on stage wearing a white shirt at the bottom right of the American flag.


In all honesty, I didn’t even vote for Obama.  But I would have, had I been bodily able to get out of the house that day.  I would have voted absentee if I’d known that my morning sickness was going to be so severe.  I was nauseous and throwing up all day long.  Missed out on voting and celebration parties, but I’m happy that he won.  🙂


2 responses to “Horray!

  1. YEA Obama!!! I really enjoyed watching the festivities on TV in Senegal. People actually stop me in the street to tell me congratulations on my new president. Weird huh?

  2. Very cool. Regardless of your politics I think only hardcore cynics *cough* Rush Limbaugh *cough* couldn’t find something positive about Obama’s election. I just hope he is given a chance before people start tearing him down. I already heard him referred to as a lame duck. Hello! He has been in office for 12 days!

    My Yummy Life

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