On my mind today….

– Our little guy…has lots of energy these days!  I love it when he is kicking and punching, I know he is awake and it feels like we are hanging out. 

– How soon is too soon to start teaching your son how to snowboard?

– Indian food.  But ever since I got my appetite back, this has constantly been on my mind.  I am determined that I will learn how to make it at home.  Although until I find a job we are eating refried beans and mac n cheese for now.  But once we have that extra, I’m stocking our cabinets with spices!  I spend a couple hours last night looking at recipes and how to stock the cabinets and all that. 


from su-lin’s Flickr


4 responses to “On my mind today….

  1. mmmm…….indian food…..

  2. I want indian food… 😦 KYle can barely handle BBQ sauce, let alone the delicious spiciness of Indian food….

  3. Sounds like you’re having a boy! I didn’t know that! Congratulations! Hopefully I will get to see you sometime. I’ve been in the nursery a lot so I always miss you at church. Maybe this week I’ll see you. Hope everything is going well!

  4. Glad to hear your little guy is so active. My little gal, Koralena, seems to be trying to punch her way out this AM which is why I am up.
    That pic has me salivating for Indian at 5:54 am. I have a really great and SIMPLE recipe for Palak Paneer on my blog if that’s a dish you enjoy.

    My Yummy Life

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