Fields of Mudan

I have been looking for a good short documentary/film on trafficking that we could show in future discussion groups that we hope to have. I have found a few, but they all require a large payment to show to the public.

I got an email about a week ago from International Justice Mission (IJM) that said their was a new indie film out called “Fields of Mudan”, and that all the proceeds will benefit IJM. The film is about a little Asian girl who is trafficked. So I went to indieflix and ordered a copy for about $10. What a good deal! (Although I’m not sure what their rules are about public viewing.)

Anyway, the film is 23 minutes long. Brian and I watched it last night. I had mixed feelings about it, but ultimately it made my heart hurt even more for the women and children who are modern day slaves, and exploited for sex. I thought that it was well made and would love to hear if anyone has seen it and what their thoughts were on it.

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